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Full Name: Dr. Shaimaa Hussein Gender: Female  Birthdate: 1974  Nationality: Iraq Degree: PhD  Academic Title: Professor College\Center: College of Engineering  Departement: Architectural Engineering Major: Architecture  Specialty: Sustainability in Urban Design Mother Language: Arabic  Work email: Personal email:
  • B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering 1998 - University of Baghdad.
  • M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering 2002- University of Baghdad.
  • Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering 2010 - University of Baghdad.
  • Architect in the Engineering Consultancy Bureau at Al-Nahrain University From (Augest-1999) till now.
  • Faculty member in the Department of Architecture at Al-Nahrain University, from (July-2003) till now.
  • Member of the Scientific promotions Committee- College of Engineering from 2014 till now..
  • Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs/ College of Engineering/ Al-Nahrain University from December 2015 to December 2018.
  • Head of the Department of Architecture at Al-Nahrain University, from (April -2020) till now.
  • Team member of written the Code of the beauty of the city - Ministry of Housing and Construction-2010.
  • Team member of written the Code of the Green Architecture - Ministry of Housing and Construction-2012.
  • Responsible of video lectures program for the College of Engineering in collaboration with the Institute of International Education (IIE) -2016.
  • Architecture Design II, III, V (Supervising graduation projects for the fifth year 2010-2014) ,which I tried to support the direction of sustainability.
  • Urban Design V
  • Islamic Architecture
  • Housing
  • Teaching the course of sustainable architecture in the Department of Architecture/ Al-Nahrain University ,since 2009 to 2015.
  • Teaching the course for urban sustainability of the stage master's degree 2016-till now.
  • Teaching the course of Advance Architecture & Urban Design I, II for the stage master's degree 2016-till now.
  • Teaching the course for sustainability of the stage master's degree in the Department of Architecture of the University of Baghdad in 2012.
  • Teaching the course of social sustainability/ stage master's degree in the Department of Architecture of the University of technological 2015.
  • Tamayouz Award, Women of Outstanding Achievement - The Shortlist,2018.
  • Win the 2019 Studio Prize organized by Architect Magazine.
  • Responsible for Al-Nahrain University Studio in Bridging the Gap| Iraqi and American Design Exchange Prize –with the University of Maryland-2016.
  • IREX Grant: Forward Illustration in Critical Representation (FIKRA). Dates of Program: 7/18/2016 to 8/05/2016 ( travel to the University of Maryland’s campus to take part in this three- week course on Global Language of Architectural Representation designed to fit the needs of Iraqi faculty).
  • Responsible for collaboration studio (City to City) with the University of Coventry-2018.
  • Global Classrooms Initiative Grant: teach Bridging the Gap studio in partnership with Associate Professor Madlen Simon of the University of Maryland in the Spring semesters of 2018, 2019, and 2020.
  • Design The Islamic sciences university administration in Al Adamia - Baghdad-1999.
  • Design of Residence doctors building of the collegial university in Al-Kadimia-baghdad-1999.
  • Design Extensions for the Outpatients and Emergency unit of the University Hospital in Al-Kadimia-baghdad-1999.
  • Design of Plant Tissue Culture Laboratories (for the Ministry of Agriculture). Nahrawan, east of Baghdad-2000.
  • Architectural design for Al-Adaim Dam Hydropower plant (for the ministry of Irrigation)2000.
  • Design of Hydro-power station and irrigation outlet building of al-Adaim Dam-2000.
  • Design for all buildings of Al-Tahadi electrical generation plant-2001.
  • Design of a multi-purpose hall for the college of political science, Al-Nahrain University-2001.
  • Design of Central stores of Al-Nahrain University. Baghdad-2003.
  • Design of the College of Information Engineering at Al-Nahrain University-2004.
  • Design of Residence doctors building of Al- yarmook Hospital in Baghdad-2004.
  • Design of Residence doctors building of Central Child Hospital in Baghdad-2004.
  • Design of Al- yarmook Hospital Extensions in Baghdad-2005.
  • Design of Cancer tumors Center in Al-Kadimia-baghdad-2005.
  • Design of Special researches Centers of Al-Nahrain University – Baghdad-2005.
  • Design of Computer Center of Foundation of Technical Education in Al- Zaafaraniya-2005.
  • Check the Architectural design and supervision of the project Alaolympi- Stadium in Kut- 2012.
  • Check the architectural design for the Electoral Commission's office in Najaf 2014.
  • Design specialized operations rooms - Hospital's nursing home - Baghdad Medical City -2013.
  • Design Typical stores for Al- Maha commercial company - in Aurig Baghdad -2013.
  • Design The Oil Training Institute in Albrjsuh - Basra -2013.
  • Design Mall and Garage Alalweaa Club - Baghdad -2013.
  • Design Children's home culture - The Ministry of Culture - Baghdad -2014.
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