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Full Name: Dr. Risala R Hussain allami Gender: Female  Birthdate: 1975  Nationality: Iraq Degree: PhD  Academic Title: Professor College\Center: College of Biotechnology  Departement: Department of Biomedical technologies Major: biology  Specialty: genetic engineering and biotechnolog Occupation: A member of staff Mother Language: Arabic  Other Languages: Englich ,German Work email: Personal email:
  • Degree in Biology- Baghdad University-Iraq
  • Degree in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
  • Faculty of Science - Baghdad university- Iraq
  • PHD degree in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology- Faculty of Science -Johannes Gutenberg university-Germany
  • Assistant professor – College of Biotechnology / Al-Nahrain University – from Aug/2014 to Now.
  • Work Description: A member of staff at College of Biotechnology -Department of Molecular and Medical Biotechnology - Al-nahrain universiy - Baghdad, Iraq
  • -Management of laboratory of molecular biology Performance of RT-PCR, RFLP analyses, immunohistochemical staining, nucleic acid and protein isolation and cell culture techniques Animal model.
  • -Supervisor for undergraduate and post-graduate students on their projects.
  • اسم الأطروحة أو الرسالة
  • السنــة
  • 1 Molecular detection of some virulence factors in Proteus mirabilis isolated from urinary tract infection / master thesis 2018
  • 2
  • Genetic Polymorphism of Vitamin D Receptor Gene and Evaluation of Some Biochemical Aspects in Type 2 Diabetes Patients/ master thesis 2020
  • 3 Thyrotro¬pin receptor (TSHR) genes polymorphism for early detection of thyroid disorders in Some Iraqi patients / master thesis
  • 2021
  • 4 Association of Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism with the susceptibility to Breast cancer in a sample of Iraqi women / PHD thesis
  • (قيد الانجاز)
  • 5 Repair of induced DNA damage in albino mice lymphocytes using some plant extracts rich with phenolic compounds/ PHD thesis
  • (قيد الانجاز)
  • 6 Genetic Polymorphism of Vitamin D Receptor Gene and Evaluation of Some Biochemical Parameters in a sample of Iraqi Gestational Diabetic Patients/ PHD thesis (قيد الانجاز)
  • 1 European Association for cancer research
  • 2 Iraqi Association for breast cancer fighting
  • 3 Iraqi center of innovation and creativity
  • Personal skills
  • Languages
  • Computer Arabic (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • German(Excellent )
  • MS Word, MS Power Point, Adobe Photoshop, PubMed
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