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Full Name: Dr. Riyadh Mahdi Abdulkadhum Gender: Male  Birthdate: 1982  Nationality: Iraq Degree: PhD  Academic Title: Professor College\Center: College of Political Science  Departement: Department of International Politics Major: political science  Specialty: International politics Occupation: Teaching Mother Language: Arabic  Other Languages: English Work email:
  • • Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science/College of Political Science/Al-Nahrain University (2003/2004)
  • • He holds a master’s degree in political science, Department of International Politics, from the College of Political Science, Al-Nahrain University. The title of the thesis is (American foreign policy and human rights - a case study of Kosovo -) 2007.
  • • Doctorate in Political Sciences, Faculty of Political Sciences/Department of International Politics/Al-Nahrain University. The title of the thesis is (The United Nations and Human Rights - Iraq Case Study -) 2012.
  • 1- Proficiency in Arabic and English
  • 2- Use of computers and various electronic applications
  • 1- Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs at the Faculty of Information, Wasit University
  • 2- Assistant Dean, Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs, College of Information, Wasit University
  • 3- Head of the Public Relations Department at the Faculty of Information, Wasit University
  • 4- Head of the Department of Political Science/Sadr al-Iraq University College
  • 5- Head of the Department of International Politics/ College of Political Science, Al-Nahrain University
Research Interest
  • Writing and writing in the field of political science and international relations
  • Writing and writing on human rights topics and international protection mechanisms
  • Writing and writing on issues of conflict and international competition in the political, economic, military and space aspects
  • Writing and writing on topics of international security and arms trade
  • Published books:
  • 1- Human Rights, Concept, Development, Guarantees/Dar Nour Publishing/Germany/2017
  • 2- United Nations mechanisms and guarantees for the protection of human rights/ Dar Amjad for Publishing and Distribution/ Jordan/ 2018
  • 3- The role of political will and support of international organizations in combating corruption. Iraq is a model / Opinions for Printing, Publishing and Distribution / Iraq / 2020
  • 4- Monitoring and supervision in accordance with the amended Provincial Councils Law of 2008. Araa for Printing, Publishing and Distribution/Iraq/2019
  • 5- Dimensions and repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war and its impact on the international system, Dar Al-Hashemi for Publishing and Distribution, 2023
  • Published research:
  • 1- The future of sustainable human development and human rights in Iraq / Wasit Journal for Human Sciences / Iraq / 2008
  • 2- International criminal courts and human rights / research published in the Wasit University Scientific Conference in 2011.
  • 3- Freedom of access to information from the perspective of the media and civil society and its role in promoting integrity / research published at the Integrity Commission conference in 2008.
  • 4- The United Nations Convention against Corruption and Iraqi legislation - a study into the requirements of criminalization / research published at the Integrity Commission conference in 2013.
  • 5- The role of political will in combating corruption and promoting integrity / Journal of Kut University College / Iraq / 2014.
  • 6- International human rights law and international humanitarian law - a comparative study - / Journal of Kut University College / Iraq / 2015
  • 7- Informatics and modern wars - Iraq as a model / Wasit Journal for Human Sciences / Iraq / 2013
  • 8- Globalization and the economic function of the state/ Wasit Journal for Human Sciences/ Iraq/ 2014
  • 9- Human rights violations in Iraq after the occupation in 2003, research published in the book Legacy of the Occupation / Hammurabi Center for Strategic Studies / 2015
  • 10- Human rights in Iraq, research published in the annual strategic report of the Hammurabi Center for Strategic Studies 2014.
  • 11- Analysis of media coverage of extractive industries, in cooperation with the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform and with funding from the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNSCO), published in Arabic and English on the organization’s official website in 2013.
  • 12- International dealing with the Iraqi elections of 2018 / Lark Journal of Philosophy, Linguistics and Social Sciences / Wasit University / Iraq / 2018.
  • 13- Iraq and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 - Challenges and Opportunities, research published in the proceedings of the Scientific Conference of the Ministry of Planning in 2017.
  • 14- Empowering youth to confront extremism and promote moderation, research published in the proceedings of the scientific conference of the Center for Strategic Studies/University of Karbala/2017.
  • 15- The water dispute between Iraq and Turkey, challenges and solutions / Tikrit Journal of Political Science / Iraq / 2019
  • 16- The role of the United Nations in the return of the displaced in Iraq between restoring stability and sustainable solutions, Wasit Journal for the Humanities/Iraq/2020.
  • 17- Challenges of Security Council reform and new international changes, research under publication/ Journal of Political Science/ College of Political Science, University of Baghdad
  • 18- Iraqi-Jordanian relations after 2017, Journal of the College of Education, Wasit University, Volume 43, Issue 4, 2020
  • 19- Military competition of the major powers in the Arab region after 2011, Political Issues Magazine, No. 70, 2022
  • 20- The internal challenges of Arab security in light of inter national competition, Social Evolution and History. 2023.
  • 21- Russian-Iraqi relations since the year 2003-2022, research published in the proceedings of the forty-fifth international conference in Russia - Petersburg, 2023.
  • 22- The economic competition of the major countries in the Arab region from 2014, Al-Kitab University Magazine, 2023
  • 23- International competition in space: a study of the legal framework and areas of competition, Hiwar Al-Fikr Magazine, Issue 67-68, 2023
  • 24- The effectiveness of the National Counter-Terrorism Strategy 2021-2025 in confronting extremism and promoting moderation, suggested procedural treatments, Scientific Journal of the Counter-Terrorism Service, Volume 3, Issue 2, 2022
  • Extended experience since 2007 in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • He has received dozens of letters of thanks and appreciation from various official and unofficial bodies
  • Member of the Academics Syndicate
Conferences, symposiums and workshops
  • Participated in research, working papers, and interventions in dozens of local and international practical conferences
  • Active in the field of training, volunteering, and community service and president of the Ijab Youth Development Organization, which works to grow, develop, and empower the youth segment to be more effective, influential, and positive in Iraqi society.
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