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Full Name: Dr. ALI HAIDER ALHAMMER Gender: Male  Birthdate: 1984  Nationality: Iraq Degree: PhD  Academic Title: Lecturer College\Center: Biotechnology Research Center  Departement: - Major: Biotechnology  Specialty: Cancer and stem cells technology Mother Language: Arabic  Other Languages: English Work email: Personal email:
  • PhD Cancer (targeted therapies for ALL stem cells) Apr 2014 — Mar 2018
  • Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University, UK
  • Exploring the Pre-B cell receptor checkpoint as a therapeutic target in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
  • Research experience:
  • 1. Formation and analysis of xenografts from primary derived material – monitoring of mice and subsequent dissection and procession of spleen cells for downstream analyses
  • 2. Mouse tail vein bleeds – tracking peripheral blood engraftment of leukaemia in mice by Flowcytometry (MRD analysis)
  • 3. Assessment of drug sensitivity of single and combinations in vitro and ex vivo –resazurin assay to assess the drug sensitivity of cell lines and xenograft cells
  • 4. Culture of leukaemia and lymphoma suspension cells in addition to adherent cells of breast, pancreatic tumor cells
  • 5. Western blotting
  • 6. Flowcytometry to assess-Intracellular phospho-profiling, Ca mobilisation, cell surface markers, Immunophenotyping, cell cycle profile and apoptosis.
  • 7. FACS analysis applications (FACSDiva, CellQuest, FlowJo).
  • 8. Statistical analysis applications (Graphpad prism, Excel).
  • 9. Software application to calculate combination indecies (CalcuSyn).
  • 10. Supervising undergraduate last year project for a student at the Northern Institute of Cancer Research, Newcastle University.
Research Interest
  • Specialized in cancer research, Graduated from Northern Institute for Cancer research/Newcastle University. My current line of research is exploring abnormal pathways and defining candidate(s) as therapeutic targets to kill/hinder blast cells, in addition to testing their combinations with classical chemotherapies. Currently working on exploring p53 pathway (by using reactivating molecules) in breast and pancreatic cancer cells in vitro. In addition, I`m currently working on developing xenograft
  • Cell Culture, PCR, Tissue Culture, Western Blot, Analysis Gel Electrophoresis, Flow Cytometry, Electrophoresis, Cancer Biology, SDS-PAGE, Cell Line Culture, RNA Isolation, Cell Signaling, DNA Extraction, In Vitro Cell Culture, Human Cell Culture, Cellular Biology, GraphPad Prism, Small Animal Handling, Cell Viability, Nucleic Acid Isolation, Animal Handling, Blood Collection, In Vivo Study, Clonogenic Assay, Fluorescence microscopy - Fluorescence microscopy, Xenograft Model, Apoptosis Assays, Ce
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