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Full Name: Dr. ALI HAIDER ALHAMMER Gender: Male  Birthdate: 1984  Nationality: Iraq Degree: PhD  Academic Title: Lecturer College\Center: Biotechnology Research Center  Departement: - Major: Biotechnology  Specialty: Cancer and stem cells technology Mother Language: Arabic  Other Languages: English Work email: Personal email:
  • PhD Cancer (targeted therapies for ALL stem cells) Apr 2014 — Mar 2018
  • Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University, UK
  • Exploring the Pre-B cell receptor checkpoint as a therapeutic target in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
  • Research experience:
  • 1. Formation and analysis of xenografts from primary derived material – monitoring of mice and subsequent dissection and procession of spleen cells for downstream analyses
  • 2. Mouse tail vein bleeds – tracking peripheral blood engraftment of leukaemia in mice by Flowcytometry (MRD analysis)
  • 3. Assessment of drug sensitivity of single and combinations in vitro and ex vivo –resazurin assay to assess the drug sensitivity of cell lines and xenograft cells
  • 4. Culture of leukaemia and lymphoma suspension cells in addition to adherent cells of breast, pancreatic tumor cells
  • 5. Western blotting
  • 6. Flowcytometry to assess-Intracellular phospho-profiling, Ca mobilisation, cell surface markers, Immunophenotyping, cell cycle profile and apoptosis.
  • 7. FACS analysis applications (FACSDiva, CellQuest, FlowJo).
  • 8. Statistical analysis applications (Graphpad prism, Excel).
  • 9. Software application to calculate combination indecies (CalcuSyn).
  • 10. Supervising undergraduate last year project for a student at the Northern Institute of Cancer Research, Newcastle University.
Research Interest
  • My current research investigates:
  • Defining novel therapeutic targets: I systematically interrogate aberrant pathways to identify actionable protein candidates with the potential to eradicate or suppress blast cells in vitro.
  • Combination therapy optimization: I evaluate the synergism of these novel targets with established chemotherapeutic agents, aiming to enhance efficacy and overcome treatment resistance.
  • In vivo model development: Utilizing readily available resources, I am actively establishing an immunocompromised mouse model to bridge the gap between in vitro findings and preclinical validation.
  • Isolation of mesenchymal stem cells, Suspension cell culture, PCR, RT-qPCR, Tissue Culture, Western Blot, Analysis Gel Electrophoresis, Flow Cytometry, Immunophenotyping, Ca mobilization assay, Intracellular phosphoprofiling assay, Electrophoresis, ELISA assay, Cancer Biology, SDS-PAGE, Adherent cell Culture, RNA Isolation, Cell Signaling, DNA Extraction, Cellular Biology, GraphPad Prism, Small Animal Handling, Cell Viability, Immunocompromised mice Handling, Blood Collection, In Vivo Study.
  • Other skills:
  • Clonogenic Assay, Fluorescence microscopy, Amplification of human cancer cells in Xenograft mouse Model, Establishment of human tumors in immuno-sppressed mice, Annexin V Apoptosis Assays, Acridine orange-Ethidium bromide Apoptosis Assays, Wound healing (scratch assay).
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